1985年:本條秀若の会 芝ABCホール
1994年:abstract note 結成

◎民放「題名の無い音楽会」「お茶の間スペシャル」「TBS街かどテレビ」 の邦楽伴奏で9年間レギュラー出演。



2009年:abstract note “Another Ground”
2012年:パフォーマンス集団「enra」 FUMA-KAI (三味線演奏)


現在、abstract noteでの音楽活動の傍ら、岡本流家元として、各地に教室をもち、端唄・俗曲の伝統的な奏法を取り入れた指導を展開。

Yoshifumi was born in Minato-ku, Tokyo. 1980: He studies under the master Honjo Hidetaro and is given the name Honjo Hidewaka. 1985: He holds the Honjo Hidewaka no Kai at Shiba ABC Hall. 1992: He appears in “Un Doko” produced by Haruomi Hosono. 1993: He becomes independent and goes by the name of Okamoto Yoshifumi. He performed on the NHK Television programs Minyou wo Anata ni, Geinou Hyakusen, Geinou Hanabutai, and Kyushu no Uta. He also appeared on the radio programs Nihon no Minyou, Nihon no Hougaku, and others. He performed regularly for 9 years as an accompanist of Japanese songs for commercial television programs Daimei no Nai Ongaku Kai and TBS Machikado TV. He also has experience performing in America and France. He also has numerous appearances for the Hauta recordings and stage acts under his belt. 2002: From this year onward, he has been holding the Okamoto Yoshifumi Zashiki Uta annually. 2006: He holds the Okamoto Yoshifumi no Kai at Fukagawa Shou Gekijyou. To highlight his career as a studio musician, produced Japanese movie and television drama soundtracks. From classic songs to modern music, he has a reputation as an outstanding all-round music performer. In addition to his music career with Abstract Note, he is currently holding classes throughout the country as the Iemoto of Okamoto Ryu, offering lessons on musical performance of classical music for theater.